Life Beyond Cancer


Life Beyond Cancer


Dare to let your spirit ROAR!

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You’ve survived hell.

Now that cancer and treatments are done – something you’ve been wishing for since your diagnosis, you’re ready to get on with life.

But you can’t.

Life is not the same: you’ve been through the ringer and you’ve emerged differently than when you went in.

Fatigue, side effects, new fears, uncertainties, and anxieties keep you from celebrating like your family, friends, coworkers, and rest of the world expects you to.

Your body, relationships, priorities, work ambitions, and perhaps even abilities, capabilities and interests have changed. Your life has been turned inside out and upside down, and the experts keep talking about “new normals”.

You understand this, and yet want to burn those words alive, stomp on their ashes, throw them into the ocean, and maybe even scream a little. Or a lot.

It’s okay. You’re normal, and welcome to life post-cancer.

Love. Hope. Renewal.

This isn’t about positive thinking. This is about truly re-claiming your life and vitality beyond cancer.

You may not be the same as before, and it may feel overwhelming and scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Joy, happiness and great fulfillment are still possible.

It’s about being more than your own heroine. 

Become the empowered author of your life – despite circumstances.

I’m challenging you to RISE. 

You’re more than your circumstances. 

And you’re not alone. 

I’m here to walk by your side. Whether you’re standing brilliantly in the light of your own power already (and ready for the next level); or you’re lost in total darkness without a clue how to reach for the light. Wherever you are, I will meet you there.

We begin here.



Forget dieting, counting calories, depriving yourself, over-exercising, and struggling alone. Instead, nourish yourself from the inside out.



Strong bodies give us the vitality and freedom to be at our best, radiant and alive. Build your best self and say good-bye to diets forever.


Mastery Life Coaching

Shift patterns and awaken passion, freedom of being and lightness of spirit. RISE up and meet your calling.



Dip into nature, be pampered and nourished, and create a vision board to anchor into your passions and soul’s calling for the year.