Physicians and Leaders in Medicine

Physicians and Leaders in Medicine

Dare to let your spirit ROAR!

The passionate female physician’s prescription to looking radiant, feeling fabulous, and staying sane as you pursue your soul’s calling. 

Today, there’s an epidemic of doctors feeling exhausted, burnt out, disenchanted with their jobs; in failed marriages – and committing suicide.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention women doctors’ suicide rates are 250% to 400% higher than that of women in other professions. 

You’re doing incredible work in the world, and you’re too important to burn out or fall into the above stats.

In medicine, burning the candle at both ends often becomes a way of being, but it doesn’t need to be so.

As you know, when we’re burnt out, life closes inwards, resentment builds, joys fade, and the combo of frustration and exhaustion leads to lack of patience, tolerance, mental sharpness, decision making abilities, and the bandwidth to be who you want to be.

I help you reconnect to yourself, pursue your joys, and keep your inner spark alive!


Inspire. Lead. Transform. 

  • Imagine: personal fulfillment, deep satisfaction, and strong vitality without sacrificing exemplary patient-care.
  • Imagine: understanding the deeper story of your life, and anchoring into the greater one calling you forth.
  • Imagine: the field of medicine where its leaders aren’t depleted, exhausted and burnt out, but authentically leading – feeling happy, vibrant, and fully alive.

Reconnect to yourself. Find your joy again. Be the role model you wish you had – not just in medicine, but in health, well-being and life.

A new medical paradigm is emerging.

The world needs you at your best.

It’s time to be the strong, empowered, authentic leader, healer, and light-bearer you’re here to be.

We begin here.



Forget dieting, counting calories, depriving yourself, over-exercising, and struggling alone. Instead, nourish yourself from the inside out.



Strong bodies give us the vitality and freedom to be at our best, radiant and alive. Build your best self and say good-bye to diets forever.


Mastery Life Coaching

Shift patterns and awaken passion, freedom of being and lightness of spirit. RISE up and meet your calling.



Dip into nature, be pampered and nourished, and create a vision board to anchor into your passions and soul’s calling for the year.

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