Whether you’re training for sport, are a physician or entrepreneur edging burnout, this is for you.

Rest and recovery are critical to optimal health and performance. They are also some of the most implementable, yet overlooked strategies. 

Rest vs. Recovery: time for a distinction

According to coach est refers to the time spent sleeping and not training. How we use this time is critical and the easiest to implement.

Recovery, on the other hand, refers to the strategies and actions we take to help the body heal, renew and rebuild.

Recovery is needed for more than just tissue and injury repair.

It also involves re-balancing chemical and hormonal states, repairing the nervous system, enhancing the immune system and metabolism, improving quality of sleep as well as cognitive abilities, alertness, energy levels, mood, cravings and so much more.

Whatever you’re training for, the below recovery checklist will help you strategize your rest and recovery better, so you can stay on top of your game.


As we say at Precision Nutrition:

“The decent plan you follow is better than the ideal plan you drop.”

So, don’t worry about trying to check every box or do it perfectly. Progress over perfection…

  • Perhaps see if you’re able to check off at least one strategy in each category.
  • Notice others that you may already be doing that aren’t listed.
  • If you were to turn up the notch just a bit more, what ONE or TWO might you like to try? What might “just a bit better” (as opposed to ‘perfect’) look like?

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Recovery Checklist Here

Here’s to your progress, rest, recovery, success and optimal performance in the areas of life most meaningful to you.