Happy Easter if you celebrate! 

Although I don’t personally follow the religious ceremonies, I love the symbolism of it. Reflecting on my experience supporting a close friend in his final months of terminal brain cancer, I recall the wisdom of Sarah Kerr, the death doula I worked with, who shared:

“Death is not the opposite of life – birth is, and life holds them both.”

This resonated with me deeply, and I re-anchor into that wisdom every Easter—a time of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings. 

Easter teaches us about resurrection, not only in the spiritual sense, but in the countless rebirths we experience in our own lives.

As we approach this long weekend, I invite you to consider the powerful transformation that lies within you. Though often dreaded, midlife is one of those such times and marks a time of profound self-reclamation—if we embrace it.

As we celebrate the Easter long weekend and welcome springtime vibes (soon! soon!), may we also embark on a journey of rebirth and renewal together.

Let's Rise! Stronger Together | Rebecca Garland