Although coaching is for successful people committed to excellence and growth, there is always a reason we’re not advancing in the way we desire – and it often stems from emotional and behavioral patterns learned in our past.

When people come to coaching, it’s because they want something greater for themselves.

It’s not because they’re broken, however, the commitment to personal excellence, mastery and the journey towards self-actualization is not one for the weak, and can often feel hard. Very hard.

As a life and wellness coach, many clients come to me to lose weight, while improving their health, fitness, and nutrition habits.

However, the gap between where they are at the time, and where they want to be is often much greater than it initially appears.

This is the emotional gap – often subconscious or overlooked, but which dictates the way we run our lives.

For instance, take…

  • The executive entrepreneur, interested in losing weight, but also interested in enriching her life through personal development. Yet she was still heartbroken over losing her only child, was grieving failed fertility efforts, and was still dealing with unresolved past trauma.
    As food and self-destructive habits can be ways to cope, punish, and even solve our deeper problems, our coaching centered around processing grief, healing adolescent trauma, and rebuilding her life after loss.
  • The nurse in remission from cancer who was despairing, alone, paralyzed by fear, and dreading her return to work.
    As numbing emotions and hiding behind fear can provide a sense of safety but keeps us stuck, our work allowed her to grieve (and bring healing to) past trauma and regret, and courageously face her fears, improve her relationship with her father, and return to work with greater self-sovereignty, hope and courage.
  • The 27yr old electrician who slept on his young wife’s hospital room floor for months before her passing of cervical cancer.
    As grief can take on average 7 years (+/- a few on each side) to heal left to time alone, our work focused on the early stages of grief and healing, picking up the pieces and becoming whole and happy again, while honoring her spirit and his undying love for her.
  • The extremely passionate, exhausted, burnt out, physician/professor/mother, who found herself isolating from others, cynical, seething in resentment, and lost in who she’d become.
    As burnout extinguishes our passions and inner light, leaving us feeling like a shell of ourselves and at risk of explosion, our work focused on reconnecting her to her core self, re-igniting her passions, and re-kindling her spirit so she could experience joy again – both personally and professionally.


As coaches we are specially trained to listen deeply, probe, and facilitate the development and self-awareness that leads to reaching one’s potential.


Each person requires something different.

As coaches, we act as mirrors, thought partners, brainstorming strategists, and channels for deep healing, truth, beauty, courage and transformation.

As coaches, we are lighthouses in the storm, corner coaches in the struggle, co-pilots in blue skies.

How about YOU???

  • Do you have hopes and dreams that you’ve been struggling to achieve on your own?
  • Do you want something more for your life, even though you may not know what that is?
  • Are you ready to let go of the anchors holding you back, and rise up?

If you don’t already have your lighthouse, I highly encourage you to get one. No matter who we are, we can only take ourselves as far as the limits of our own minds.

As Einstein’s remarked, we can’t solve a problem with the same thought process that created it.

To expand, become more of what we wish to be, and to rise up higher, we ALL need support. We all need our own lighthouse.