The Wisdom of Emotions Workshop

A 2-hour candlelit heart-to-heart with your soul.

The eyes are not windows of the soul – our emotions are.

However, navigating them can feel messy, confusing and frustrating!

You’ve likely experienced the harm of emotional repression, as well as the pain of hurtful emotional expression.

So what is the answer?

In today’s COVID-world, the intensity of emotions are at an all time high, especially over the holiday season. Without the emotional awareness and skills to navigate the waves, it’s easy to be at their mercy, rather than in our true Power, which can feel crazy-making.

Every emotion, no matter how uncomfortable or seemingly “bad” (think anger, hatred, envy or shame) provides feedback, carries its own innate wisdom, and offers us guidance.

When we know how they work, what they’re trying to tell us, and how to honor them, we can process them in ways that reconnect, heal and uplift.

In this candle-lit heart-to-heart, we’ll explore:

A unique emotional framework that offers a whole new way of viewing your emotions, so you can navigate them with greater ease and intelligence.

How to express hard/”bad” emotions in ways that are healthy and empowering, and which enhance connection (rather than create separation) with both self and others.

The “Big Four”: Anger, Fear, Sadness and Joy. Discover their inherent wisdom, what they’re trying to tell you, and how to use them powerfully. (If time permits, I’ll share more.)

How and why we get stuck on the merry-go-round of our pain-stories, even though we’re desperate to get off and doing everything we can to do so.

How to work with your emotions in ways that honor, allow processing, healing and release.

Doors are currently closed for The Wisdom of Emotions Workshop

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