Build a healthy and powerful body


Build a healthy and powerful body

Fitness for your best life

What motivates you?

What dreams do you have?

What do you train for?


  • Feeling strong, fit and injury-free
  • Having ample energy for all your must-do’s and love-to-do’s
  • Feeling sexy and confident, both in and out of your clothes!

Strong bodies give us the vitality, energy and freedom in life to be our best – and do more of what we love.

The experience of training shouldn’t destroy your body, or tie you to the couch for days afterwards each time. Instead, it should lift you up, build you up, energize you, and help you function better in your life.

A good workout should challenge your body just enough so it can get stronger, but not so much that you are injured or burned out.

To get the results you desire, you want a trainer who is qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced. You want one who won’t give you the same program as everyone else, but who takes into account your goals, body type, injury history, exercise likes and dislikes, the intensity you like to train at, your time frame and lifestyle.

My goals as your trainer, are to help you…

  • Clarify your goals, your greater vision, and understand your deeper motivations for training
  • Move and feel better
  • Train safely, strategically and effectively
  • Feel radiant and more alive… whatever that looks like for YOU!


Whether you want to:

…Have more energy for family adventures;
…Exude a confidence and radiance that lights up the room; 
…Become fitter, stronger and faster for your next race; 
Heal injuries so you can enjoy weekend hikes and rides with your sweetheart again; 
…Plan for the bucket list adventure in Italy;
…Feel amazing naked;

Whatever it is that drives you, I’m in your corner to help you achieve it.

With nearly 20 years in the fitness industry, I’ve trained a diverse range of clientele and offer a broad range of services to help you meet nearly any goal.


  • Athletic conditioning
  • Sport performance
  • Weight loss
  • Injury recovery
  • Pilates
  • AIR Yogalates
  • Spin
  • Kickboxing

UThrive: a private studio in the southwest beltline that’s intimate and very friendly. Guests can only train here when with a trainer, providing luxurious privacy. No membership required.

Mission: My aim is to educate, empower and provide a fun, varied, safe, supportive and uplifiting environment to pursue your health and fitness goals successfully.
” FYI, lots of positive feedback about the Pilates class. Some are even wanting an additional class during the week!! I am really loving it. I feel as if I am stronger already. This is totally what I needed in my workout routine. Thanks for today!!
Lauren F.

Connect with me below, and let’s begin building your powerful and fit body today.

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Bridge the gap. 

Let your soul ROAR!

Empower Your Performance.



Dip into nature, be pampered and nourished, and create a vision board to anchor into your passions and soul’s calling for the year.


Mastery Life Coaching

Shift patterns and awaken passion, freedom of being and lightness of spirit. RISE up and meet your calling.



Forget dieting, counting calories, depriving yourself, over-exercising, and struggling alone. Instead, nourish yourself from the inside out.



Strong bodies give us the vitality and freedom to be at our best, radiant and alive. Build your best self and say good-bye to diets forever.