Personal Mastery & Wellness Coaching  for Women in Medicine.

You’re right…. there is something more.

If you’re languishing, edging burnout, or feeling heavy in your body, I see you.

Welcome to personal mastery coaching for your whole being.

Get ready to illuminate your brilliance, re-awaken your spirit, revitalize your energy, and feel confident in your body at last.

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What it’s like working with Rebecca.

Rebecca Garland coaches busy, professional women caught in cyclical pursuits of achievement and burnout, excellence and exhaustion, and who feel there must be more.

Because there is so much more…  

Working with Rebecca is balm for the exhausted spirit and aching soul.

Programs are designed to help you shift from uncertainty to clarity; burnout to brilliance; and are tailored to address your goals and soul-dreams.

Are you ready to feel:

  • healthier, stronger and more confident in your body?
  • more deeply connected to your purpose?
  • more empowered and alive?

If you’re feeling a pull towards something more, even if you don’t yet know what that is, welcome.

Rebecca Garland mastery coaching
Featured Program

Plant-Strong Sculpt Program

Create your most epic health & fitness COMEBACK in 8 weeks!

The Plant-Strong Sculpt is specifically designed for women 35+yrs, who are ready to kick the bloating, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue and belly fat, and feel their best.

If you want to build, sculpt or lean; get insanely strong; and reclaim a lost sense of vitality, this is for YOU.

Shift from burnout to brilliance.

Reclaim your vitality after cancer.

Empower Your Performance.



Dip into nature, be pampered and nourished, and create a vision board to anchor into your passions and soul’s calling for the year.


Mastery Life Coaching

Shift patterns and awaken passion, freedom of being and lightness of spirit. RISE up and meet your calling.



Forget dieting, counting calories, depriving yourself, over-exercising, and struggling alone. Instead, nourish yourself from the inside out.



Strong bodies give us the vitality and freedom to be at our best, radiant and alive. Build your best self and say good-bye to diets forever.

Rebecca created a safe and inviting space that allowed me to tap into the most powerful, all-knowing part of myself. I truly found the experience to be transformational and would recommend it to anyone, as it is so personal that the messages will be individualized to what you need to hear.

Sara Taylor


Bridge the Gap and Let Your Soul ROAR.

Start Working With Rebecca.