Creating A Fulfilling & Vibrant 2017!

pages turning "a fresh page... a fresh start..."


Good-bye 2016 and hello 2017!  As we close a year and welcome a new one, now is a perfect time to harness the wisdom from the year and it’s milestones, celebrations, successes, missed opportunities, challenges and “failures”, and create a compelling and strategic vision for your greatest 2017.

So, turn on some relaxing tunes, cozy up with a cup of tea or bevvie of choice, and take a moment from the hustle & bustle of your to-do’s. Return to yourself with pen and paper as you reflect over the past year, and what you’d like to create for the new one.

Don’t feel you need to answer all of these in one sitting. Break it up as needed. Take your time. Revel in your life and what you’re creating. And not just parts of it… all of it. Everything in your life presents an opportunity to grow, to learn, to love, to become more, and to live your life’s purpose.
Nothing is meaningless unless you make it so.

1. What are 10 milestones, highlight memories, celebrations, and successful overcomings from 2016? How is each notable?

2. What personal qualities or traits allowed you to accomplish those successes and overcome the challenges? (Great Story coaching clients, look to your Graces too – which strengths and powers did you really step into? What other graces – maybe less intuitive ones – is your Great Story demanding and calling forth in you? What can you notice about the roles of both the light and dark side of the striver in each?)

3. What 6 disappointments, challenges, “failures” or missed opportunities did you face? (Great Story coaching clients, explore the emotional themes of each. What is there to acknowledge? What emotions were present. How did the Negative Ego, Victim, Striver and Conscious Creator show up? How might these challenges layer into your Great Story?)

4. For each challenge, what are you pleased with? 

And, how could you have shown up better?

5. What 3 unexpected Game Changers showed up and shifted your focus and priorities? How so/what was the impact?

6. How have you grown and what are you discovering about yourself? (Great Story coaching clients, what are you beginning to discover about your Triumph, Passions, Graces, Great Story?)

7. Do you have any unfinished business that needs to be tended to in order to begin 2017 with a fresh, clean slate? If so, what needs to be completed? (What energy would you like to do it from? What will support you in that?)

8. Are you actively engaged daily in what’s most important to you, what grounds you, AND what lights you up?

What are you doing that you want to KEEP doing? What do you want to do MORE of? What are you doing that you want to STOP doing? What old story lines are you ready to let go of? What new ones are you ready, willing and ABLE to author?

What, if anything, is missing?

9. In what ways do you hold yourself back from feeling, and being, your best? Look within rather than at outside circumstances unless you can tie them to yourself. (Great Story coaching clients, where do you see the Core Lie, Limiting Decisions and Choices, and Backfires showing up?)

10. What could you change to bring you better success? Include the “being” as well as the “doing”. (Great Story coaching clients, look to the 6 raw materials: beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and fundamental limiting decisions and choices.)

11. What is the one thing so thrilling of an idea that you get butterflies just thinking about it?

=> If you were to take 2 small steps towards that dream, what would they be? If the dream feels too far away or unrealistic right now, then explore 2 action steps that would bring elements of that dream into your life immediately.

(Eg. If the Butterfly Dream is to move to a tropical island and become an author, notice what elements attract you most, and how you could foster them now. For instance, is the deeper desire greater simplicity? Exploring your creative side? Travel and adventure? Living a lower-stress lifestyle? Being by water/nature? Enjoying more freedom and lightness of being? …Any of these elements can be fostered right now, despite the tropical island or never having written anything before.)

12. Who are your greatest supporters?

13. What other supporters/supports might you need to engage?

14. How does all this wisdom inform you for the coming year?

15. If at this time next year you were looking back at an amazing 2017, what would it have entailed? Look not just to the details of circumstances, but also to how you felt and who you were. The more specific you can be the better. Great Story coaching clients, this opens the doorway to the countless Luminous Futures available to you this coming year. You may wish to take a few moments to dream of a few different possibilities for yourself that involve different sets of details, but which include the three cornerstones of your Great Story: your Triumph, your Passions and your Graces.)

16. If you were to give this coming year a “theme” name, what would you name it?

17. If you were to focus on just ONE habit to change or establish for the coming year, what would it be? Who do you need to be, what do you need to believe, how do you need to show up, what action do you need to take in order to make that happen?