Nutrition and Weight Loss Backfires (Part IV)

wagon riderWhen it comes to your nutrition and weight loss endeavors, are you a wagon-rider?

Do you ever catch yourself sharing that you’ve fallen off the “wagon”, or committing to getting back in the “saddle” on Monday? If you’re like most of us, you likely have. However, placing yourself on a proverbial wagon is self-defeating.

And here’s why…

When there’s a wagon, there is a wagon to fall off from.  And we ALL eventually fall.

Falling off is simply the nature of being on a wagon in the first place. Sometimes we even launch ourselves off! Yet we continue to climb back aboard with hopes of staying on “for good” each time. But rarely, if ever, does that happen.

Have you ever been on a roll, and then given in to a cookie (or piece of pizza or whatever) and experienced the downward spiral that that ONE small item can bring?

A non-wagon-riding healthy eater would simply eat the small cookie (or whatever), enjoy it fully, feel no guilt, and continue on with his healthy eating lifestyle.

But when on the wagon, we write a different story: one of will-power, temptation, defeat, guilt, justification, enabling and rebelliousness.

And if we’re lucky we just fall off.

If we’re really stubborn though, we fall and then launch ourselves out of site.

And just like that, ONE small cookie (or whatever it may be) has the power to sabotage the best of your intentions, reap you of your confidence, and make you feel like a failure.

And the rest is history.  If you have the energy to muster back up the courage and will, you’ll get back on the wagon come Monday. IF you get back on the wagon come Monday.

It’s insanity, but we do it anyway. 

And here’s why…

There is a part of you that actually believes being on a wagon supports your success!

Now, there are some times when this is true – like with a specific end-date goal, such as an athlete training for a competition.

However, when it comes to lifestyle habits, wagon-riding is simply not supportive. The ride is just too bumpy or painful to withstand for any real length of time.

Yet we still attempt it through all-or-nothing thinking and tactics like the proverbial wagon, tightening the reigns or instilling stricter discipline with ourselves to re-establish a sense of control.

This is a false sense of control however, and does not serve the intended purpose.

Have you ever noticed that the angrier, stricter and more controlling you get with yourself, the more unhappy, deprived or rebellious you feel, and the more likely it is you’ll fall off again?

The proverbial wagon is a strategy we employ, falsely believing we are somehow supported by it, when in fact it has a powerful backfire. 

ere is what keeps it going: your mind fears that without the wagon, you might sit on the couch, do nothing, stuff your face until you hurt and gain an obscene amount of weight.And h

But, that is likely not what would happen. From a place of love and kindness, from a place of inspired commitment to your deeper why, and from a place of respect for yourself and your body, this fear is NOT practical nor possible.

It does however, become increasingly possible after one too many times riding that wagon though!

Notice that you already live without a ‘wagon’ in many areas that you are quite successful in.Said another way, you’d likely notice that in the areas of life you don’t struggle in, there is no ‘wagon’. 

I encourage you to reflect on that and look for examples as to where that is true in your life. The more specific examples you find, the easier you’ll release the wagon of nutrition and weight loss, and embrace the truth that you actually do not need a wagon to be successful in establishing healthy habits.

Free from the wagon, you get to employ a love-based lifestyle, rather than a fear-based regiment. 

  • Free from the wagon… the healthy habit is no longer one you jump on or off from, but a way of life that involves empowered discipline and effort, but also freedom and flexibility, without the mental sabotage and struggle.
  • Free from the wagon… there is no guilt, there is no anxiety about how and when you’re going to get back on, and there is no fear about falling off again.
  • Free from the wagon… you’d enjoy one cookie, call it a night and continue on with your healthy choices.

Call To Action: If you suffer from the insufferable ‘Hop On, Fall Off Wagon Syndrome’, it may be worth exploring the following:

  • Where are you currently creating a proverbial wagon for yourself?
  • What hope is it serving?
  • What is the impact of it?
  • Imagine the impact of freeing yourself from it… What would life feel like?

Are you ready to give it the boot and start living differently?

All it takes is an awareness of the tendency, and a commitment to release it.  Go ahead and give it a try and please keep me posted on how it goes.

If you’d like support living differently, I would be happy to have a conversation to see if my services may be helpful – email me anytime.