You know those sacred days that feel a bit different than the rest?

Perhaps it’s a birthday, the first day of school or a new job, a birth, or the anniversary of a loved one’s passing.

Today is a sacred day for me for two such reasons:

1. It’s the birthday of a dear soul-sister, Jodie Shypitka, who passed away of breast cancer nearly 7 years ago.
2. My very pregnant sister is being induced today, and will be bringing a new little soul into this world – and into our family – within the next few hours.

I love that my new little niece will share the same birthday as my friend, and as I sit in reflection of this tears come to my eyes.

Jodie and I could spend hours doing nothing more than talking, philosophizing, laughing, and discussing our deepest passions, heartaches and souls truths.

She was one of the few people I had such real, raw, rich and soulful conversations with. Not only was she a great conversationalist and a deep listener, but she had an unusual ability to call out truths and b.s. with a sweet love.

Opening Unseen Doors

I’ve never before shared publicly any of her emails to me, but in the later stages of her life, she had a specific mission and calling: opening unseen doors.

Conversations with Jod were rarely light, but nearly always provoked insight, different perspective, and new possibilities.

In honor of her birthday and carrying on her legacy, I’d like to share a few short lines from one of her emails to me, along with a wish that may help unseen doors open in your life.

It was two days after my birthday, and within a year of her passing. Her body was riddled with cancer. She writes:

“My body is going into a big healing that is quite encompassing.

It requires much of my attention and energy, simply to adapt everyday.

I feel closer to God… The Divinity of all things every moment.

I see IT everywhere glowing and IT is so beautiful.”

– Jodie Shypitka (written Oct 8, 2010)

As I feel Jodie’s presence today, I’d like to share one of her greatest experiences, and my wish for you:

I wish for you that you see the Divinity of all things in every moment – both around you and within you.

May you see that regardless of your “flaws”, health status, weight, shape or size, that you’re made of the same stuff as me; the same stuff as your ancestors, and your greatest mentors and inspirations; and what’s even more cool: that you’re made of the same stuff as stardust!

​Can you see it glowing everywhere? Can you see the beauty of it within yourself, even on your darkest days?

Whether you can seee it or not, rest joyfully knowing it‘s there.

“I no longer think of balancing my days, but of loving my way through them.”
– Jodie Shypitka

As you let go of perfect and let go of fear… as you commit more to love than to pain… when you look through the truest lens of your heart and soul, you’ll see it too. ​

You ARE it.