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Plant-Strong Sculpt Program

Create your most epic health & fitness COMEBACK in 8 weeks! Plus a $500 CASH Grand Prize to sweeten the pot! 

Get the exact formula I used to make my own comeback after a year of devastating losses and debilitating injuries.

Build back your strength; sculpt your body; regain your confidence and power; and the torch stubborn belly-fat that low-carb diets, HIIT workouts and spin classes won’t touch.

Training in midlife is a different game, and it’s time for a different program. 

This is the beginning of your comeback story.

Think inner transformation, strength, and jaw-dropping RESULTS.

My Comeback Story…

Comeback Vision: After a year of deep loss, grief, and chronic and debilitating injuries, I felt like a shell of myself – weak and frail. My nutrition habits kept my weight in a healthy range, but I felt far from healthy or strong.

Further, midlife was starting to make itself known. I was experiencing night sweats, and didn’t love the softer/looser skin, cellulite-creep, or muscle loss.

I was on fire with pain and chronic stiffness/tightness, and drowning in grief. 

Then, just as I was considering joining more formal grief therapy, an 8-week vegan bodybuilding program came across my radar.

I jumped!

With my main injuries healed, but still not feeling “fit” or confident enough for sports, body-building spoke to me. My inner fire was relit, and I felt inspired and motivated to rebuild… to feel strong, fit and powerful again. Given the pain and stiffness, I was also curious about the impact of a vegan diet.

Results: I worked the program in a way that made sense to me, and made an incredible comeback. More importantly than reaching 13% body fat, or seeing rippling back muscles for the first time in my life, I healed.

Aside from Whey protein shakes, I went full-vegan for 8 weeks, and while my body grew strong and lean, the training process interrupted deep grief patterns that had become part of me.

My training program was one of radical self-care focusing on all elements from training, to nourishment, to recovery, and became both my therapy and my journey back. 

Building strength, losing weight and sculpting are just some of the awesome results to be had.

But the journey… the comeback… what you’ll receive and who you’ll become in the process… that’s the GOLD.

My own life-changing, healing, and rebuilding experience is the inspiration behind the creation of the 8-week Plant-Strong Sculpt.



about the program

The Plant-Strong Sculpt is specifically designed for women beyond 35, who are ready to sculpt and lean, get insanely strong, and reclaim a lost sense of vitality.

For many of us, confidence gets shaken when we start to see our skin soften and loosen, random aches and pains set in, grey hairs and wrinkles appear over night, and fat and cellulite show up where never before.

Sadly, most women aren’t taught how to effectively combat peri-menopause/menopause symptoms – the popular tips of more cardio, HIIT classes and eating less, are misguided and often lead to more exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, injury-risk and frustration, than results.

For a smokin’ body and the energy of younger days, the 8-week Plant-Strong Sculpt has your back.


This is also SO much more than a fitness/body transformation opportunity.

This is a healing opportunity. A lifestyle reset opportunity. A personal re-invention opportunity. Or, if you relate to my story at all, perhaps an epic COMEBACK opportunity. 

Whatever you choose, I’m honored and thrilled to be YOUR personal coach on one of the most EPIC journeys of your life.



This program will help you….

  • Torch stubborn cellulite.
  • Burn exercise-resistant belly fat, without burning out at the gym.
  • Say good-bye to night sweats and sleep better.
  • Build/tone muscle and protect bone density.
  • Ignite your metabolism by eating more (of the right) stuff, rather than less.
  • Discover exactly what macro ratios to eat for your goals (and how).
  • Heal, befriend your body, and prioritize self-care at last.
  • Shape-shift and age VIBRANTLY.

Plus a $500 CASH Grand Prize to help keep you motivated!

“I moved up to 45 lbs this week in my squats. I am slowing down when I eat (this is huge for me). I rarely get hot flashes anymore, and am sleeping through the night!”


Meet Amy

Comeback Vision: I want a positive focus in a hard/sad time of pandemic, and to regain my naturally positive attitude. On the brink of 45yrs, I want to feel strong, vibrant, healthy, and fit.

Results: Shape-shifted! I lost 4.3lbs overall, and 3″ from waist, 1″ from hips, and biceps grew by 1/2″. Abs and torso are more sculpted; legs and arms more toned and I feel strong. I LOVE MY BODY!

Meet Karen

Comeback Vision: Maintain my weight as I build my strength, support my bones. and build the courage to hit the ski slopes again!

Results: I learned to listen to my body and not my determined mind, and the importance of recovery. I got refocused on healthy eating again, and really enjoyed learning about the supplements, especially for a woman in her “late 60’s” as I am.

Update: Two great days at the hill, and felt STRONG!

What’s Included

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to create an epic comeback, then you’re in the right place.

In this online program, you will:

  • Create your own comeback story gaining clarity and purpose.
  • Receive a customizable plant-based nutrition program with mouth-watering recipes to create your weekly meal plans.*
  • Receive a customizable 8-week periodized fitness program designed to build strength, burn fat, shape and sculpt.
  • Gym and at-home options provided.
  • Get personal coaching support by founder and master trainer, Rebecca Garland.
  • Get access to weekly FB Lives and ZOOM Q&A’s.
  • Gain and give support in a vibrant and engaged, like-minded FB group community.
  • Receive access to my personal chef, Nichole Flewitt (Green Figs &  Yam), and our BRAND NEW Plant-Strong Sculpt menu! (Available in Calgary only.)
  • Chance to win a $500 CASH Grand Prize! 

*Due to individual needs, taste buds, food sensitivies/allergies, and food accessibility, meal plans will not be provided; however, you’ll receive your own personal macro-ratios, and plenty of support, guidance and recipe ideas to create your meal plans from. 

Meet Amy T.

Comeback Vision: I want to enjoy being active and strong, fit into my work clothes again, and feel my courage and POWER again.

Results: I’m proud of how I managed this program along with other major life stressors, and completed every strength session… it was new to me to check in with my body for what I truly needed, and that was BIG! I now fit into my “work clothes” again, which I couldn’t zip up a month ago! 

Update: I had an amazing catski adventure. It was so rewarding to see the stamina I’ve built… My knees felt great (past two years they hurt after 2 runs), I felt strong and didn’t tire, and I was right there with [my partner] all day! (He used to get breaks waiting for me to catch up!)


what past SCULPTORS have to say

“This program changed my life! After being stuck for 5yrs, I’ve lost nearly 10lbs, feel stronger, and changed my shape.

I’m back on track despite the challenges of a medical practice in COVID, and I’m still going with new habits.

Thanks so much Rebecca – I can’t wait for the next round!”

N. Watkins


“I’m proud of my results and hard work, commitment and dedication to achieve them.


It’s been so fun doing this with the group. thank you again Rebecca Garland for being an incredible coach.

This program came at the perfect time for me and I am immensely grateful.”

A. Bondar

Nutritional Therapist

“Even though I ran regularly prior to this program, I had plateaued and lately I’ve seen progress; actually great progress!”


“I love the energy this group brings. It is so inspiring! Makes me think I could give it even more!”


Weekends used to be such a struggle for me! I was good all week, but would over-indulge on weekends… the resources in this program had some great tips for changing mindset!”


“I am happy with the transition to more plant-based. I loved the focus on form and steady change. Admittedly my change is less extreme than others, but I feel like it is more a long term and permanent shift.”


“I’m noticing better form in the weight exercises (thanks so much for your videos Rebecca) and I’m getting stronger. Food tracking has also helped my Type-A self confirm that I’m now getting the nutrition right, too.


“I am already down 5 pounds and I got 2 compliments on my shoulders this morning!”


“Rebecca, your P.S.S. program and involvement far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!”


I’m feeling more energetic and am not being too hard on myself if I’m not perfect – something I’ve struggled with in past programs. Thanks so much, Rebecca, for putting together this amazing program!!“


Meet R. Wright

Comeback Vision: I find fitness empowering… but, I DON’T love (looser skin, hot flashes, etc). I want to maintain my weight, as I build a healthy body that looks and feels good.

Results: Prior to the program, my routine had become stale. I was restless and discouraged with peri-menopause symptoms. Now I feel empowered to build strength, and know what to eat. I feel stronger, have more energy, and pain from my sedentary job is gone!

I held my weight steady, as I built muscle and lost inches: 1″ from chest, 3/4″ upper arm, 1.75″ waist, and 2″ from hips!

Begin your comeback story today!

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Meet Your Coach


Rebecca Garland is founder of Elan Performance. Inc., a nutrition, fitness and personal mastery coaching company.

She brings 20 years of professional coaching and training experience, as a personal trainer, health and wellness coach, course creator, and retreat leader.

On the personal side, she’s an animal lover through and through with a heart for Schnauzers, back roads, hiking, campfires, Italy, and fresh margaritas and guacamole.

Certifications include:

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology with sport psychology specialty, University of Calgary, 2001
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, National Sports & Conditioning Assocation, 2003
  • Pilates, PhysicalMind Institute, 2003
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute, 2007
  • Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, level 1, Precision Nutrition, 2019
  • Certified Master Coach, level 2, Precision Nutrition, 2020

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Starts April 25 to June 19, 2022