Give yourself a HIGH FIVE for taking this powerful next step in creating your health and fitness comeback!

The truth is that most people simply talk, hope and dream – few actually ACT.

You’ve just shown that you’re ready for change and willing to get after the results you say you want.

I love that!

I’m honored to be your coach for the next 8 weeks, and can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Please watch your inbox for email updates coming the week of Apr 18th.

In the meantime, schedule the following dates in your calendar:

Program Dates: Monday Apr. 25 – Sunday Jun. 19

Monday FB LIVES: 12:05-12:55pm MST

These OPTIONAL learning sessions will focus on hormones; how you’re influencomg them through diet and exercise whether you know it or not; and how to listen to your body and work the program to best meet your goals.

Thursday ZOOM Q&A’s: 12:05-12:55pm MST

These OPTIONAL Q&A sessions are where I’ll answer all your questions LIVE and bring in experts of different fields.


If you can’t attend LIVE, both the FB Lives and Q&A’s will be uploaded to our private FB page for your viewing convenience.