A Question that Shifted My Life

Then, I woke up to a question that shifted my life: “What would inspire me?” It felt so simple, and yet so compelling. With it, I no longer had to worry about inspiring anyone else, just myself, and that I felt I could handle. I was able to let go of all the pressure associated with trying to inspire people I didn’t even know and who weren’t even asking for my help, and began my days by asking, “How could I live today in a way that would inspire me?”

Life became lighter, more fulfilling, adventurous and meaningful (and I may have even inspired a few too, although not on purpose). In living from this place, my life has shifted tremendously. So, I’d like to offer you the same question:

“If you were to live only in a way that inspired YOU, who would you be and what would you be doing?”

I’d love to hear from any brave souls willing to share their thoughts or experiences.