Precision nutrition -women before and after

Through my both my professional training and personal journey towards health, sound nutrition and effortless weight loss, I have come across a LOT of resources.

Here are my top 9 recommendations for delicious (and lean) recipes, falling in love with your body, freedom from food-insanity, and ending yo-yo dieting and weight loss once and for all:


  1. Precision Nutrition
    Blog: the go ultimate go to for any food or fitness question you may have! The PN team are masters at making the complex topics simpler, more intuitive and easier to understand.
    – ProCoach Nutrition and Workout programs: I’m honored to coach both of these programs and  delight at the results clients achieve. (Please contact me if you’d like more info).
  2. Isabel Foxen-Duke:
    Blog and resource for ending emotional eating
    – Our philosophies are very similar, however, she’s a much more eloquent writer 🙂 and shares a wealth of down-to-earth knowledge, with wit and humor.
  3. Institute for the Psychology of Eating: 
    Blog with free resources and extremely helpful info

Books and Audio Books:

  1. Geneen Roth: hard to go wrong – choose any that speak to you, and you’ll likely be happy!
  2. Marianne Williamson: A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Weight Loss (one of my absolute favorite favs!)

Recipe Books

  1. Nourish (of course): by yours truly 🙂
    – contains over 70 mouth watering whole-food recipes contributed by myself, past Nourish challengers, food-lovers, and health industry professionals
    – most recipes are free from processed and refined foods, dairy, flour and added sugars
    – includes color photos of nearly every recipe along with the 4-phase Nourish program that I followed periodically over many years to deepen my habits and establish profound change
  2. Oh She Glows (I and II): by Angela Liddon
    – filled with delicious vegan recipes and fabulous photos – loved by even meat-eaters
  3. Precision Nutrition:
    Gourmet Food Recipe Book
    Encyclopedia of Food

This is a short list of countless amazing books, blogs and resources.  Don’t see your favorites here?  Please share in comments below or drop me a line.  I’d love to know what’s helped you.