Mastery Coaching

Because strong leaders look within.

Mastery Coaching

Because strong leaders look within.

Discover the deeper story of your life.

There is so much more to our lives, than what we see at the surface. Yet, most of us take life at face value, unable to see the deeper meaning, higher potential or greater story that’s calling.

Yet, within each of us lives a Great Story. 

Including you.

The women I work with have a longing for something more. Whether they know what that is or not, they’re curious about the whispers and are ready to find out. 

If you’re ready to anchor deep, rise up welcome.

This is my passion, my gift and my work.

Words of Praise

“I loved the coaching with Rebecca – it’s just what I needed, when I needed it. I wanted grounding, structure, palpable activities and exercises to do, structure and accountability. Rebecca provided this and more. The coaching was a tender experience that felt safe and caring. I no longer operate out of fear from repercussions – I feel stronger, braver and more confident in handling whatever comes my way.
Jill F.

In our work together, you will…


Discover your Great Story.


Grow strong and revel in your physical body – loving it at last.


Understand and rewrite restrictive storylines to get unstuck.


Uncover your untapped brilliance.


Rediscover your passions and realize your innate strengths.


Lead from a place of clarity, confidence, authority and authenticity.

You’re brilliant and capable. You’re an action taker and you’re ready for more.

No more wondering and wishing. No more excuses. Your Great Story is waiting to unfold.

Coaching conversations are unlike any other conversation you have with colleagues, friends or family.

As your coach, I show up as a light, a mirror, your brainstorming strategist, unwavering pillar of support and your trusted confidante.

I help you get out of your own way so you can channel the true leader within, and call forth your own inner wisdom and genius.
You are not here to simply survive or struggle through life as a lone wolf.

You are here to discover, heal, live fully, and SHINE.

Imagine the potential you could reach if you had someone standing in your corner fiercely supporting your growth, cheerleading your successes, challenging you to greater heights, and holding you accountable to getting the important things done.

Coaches are specially trained to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, reveal blindspots, and take you further than where you could ever take yourself.

Become the empowered creator of your life.

Words of Praise

“Rebecca created a safe and inviting space that allowed me to tap into the most powerful, all-knowing part of myself. I truly found the experience to be transformational and would recommend it to anyone, as it is so personal that the messages will be individualized to what you need to hear.”
Sara Taylor | BSc, MD

How We Can Work Together

RISE Coaching

RISE Coaching is a transformational process of self-discovery and emotional mastery, designed to help you overcome past struggles and current limitations, expand your potential, foster courage and bravery, help you become a more authentic and confident leader, and support you in feeling more empowered in life.

Body Brilliance

Body Brilliance is a habit-based body transformation program. No more struggling, dieting or counting calories. This is one-on-one coaching for those who’ve tried “everything” and who want to finally, once-and-for-all, end their struggles with food, exercise or body shame, and at last be in control of their health, weight and eating. It’s not a diet, and it’s unlike every program you’ve ever done.

Ignite Sessions

Not up for a full program? Get a quick check-in or reset instead. Ignite Sessions are short and powerful, and allow you to tackle a single challenge. These sessions will trigger a quick, intense burst of ‘AHA’ action and accountability.