RISE Coaching

Discover your Great Story. RISE to your calling.

RISE Coaching

Discover your Great Story. RISE to your calling.

Within each of us is a potential Great Story.

Are you accomplished, but seeking a deeper joy?

Are you successful, but not truly fulfilled?

Do you feel a relentless yearning for ‘more’, that just won’t hush?

…If so, these whispers are important.

You’re experiencing a soul-deep calling, inviting you to lean in, courageously take full ownership of your life, and embrace your passions, graces and potential.

This is your invitation to RISE.

Words of Praise

“I struggled through a period of burnout last year, and the RISE coaching program was transformative for me. I still find myself relying on the things I learned with Rebecca every day since.”
Bonnie Larson, MD, MA, CCFP, DTM&H, Mom

Global Health Enhanced Skills Program; Clinical Assistant Professor UofC Dept. Family Medicine; Street CCRED Collaborative


The RISE acronym incorporates the four pivotal elements of this life-transforming program:


Feeling powerless over our past or current circumstances keeps us stuck. It’s in claiming responsibility for our life – and all of it – that allows us to re-write the experience of our lives, and live on our own terms.


Get crystal clear on your passions in a fresh new way, and re-ignite the ones that have faded. Discover and embrace your strengths and cultivate personal mastery, so you can contribute even more meaningfully in the world. Together, you’ll build your unique road map to authentic leadership and empowered living.

Soul Wisdom

Burnout, unresolved grief, trauma and past pains can make us cynical, resentful, depressed and powerless. Eventually, without intervention, they can even manifest in chronic pain and illness. But they can also wake us up; cultivate resilience, courage and grit; expand our capacity for love and compassion; and help us become better, stronger and wiser in the process. The soul provides access to inner wisdom you can trust.


Our lives offer opportunities to grow and change, and while transformation can go in any direction, evolution goes only forward – never backward. Embrace your own inner awakening and open the doors to your personal evolution.

Through the R.I.S.E. process, you’ll uncover your deeper Triumph, your soul-inspired (and wounding) Passions, and embrace your innate strengths and powers – aka Graces. At the junction of this trinity, lies your authentic power, inner wisdom, most genuine and authentic nature, deeper fulfillment and joy, and expanding potential.

How it Works

Together, we design the frequency and timing of our program, but most often sessions are every 9-14 days. Between sessions, you’ll complete assignments to forward your action, continued growth and awakening.


The initial phase is 4 months (after this time, we move to a monthly basis should you wish to continue). Many clients get so much from the coaching, on-going support and accountability, they continue beyond a year; however, others feel so wonderful and ‘complete’ after the first phase, that we close earlier.


8 x 60 minute virtual sessions designed to help you uncover the specific emotional themes and patterns of your life, overcome blocks, and spur clarity, confidence, focus, direction, strategy and action.

30-day Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not absolutely loving our work together within the first month, we stop and you get a full refund.

The R.I.S.E. Process

RISE illuminates your life like you’ve never experienced before, and helps ignite the inner fires of a brave, powerful and fully-engaged life.

Stage 1

Reveals the Terrain of Limitation

During this phase, we uncover the specific emotional themes and patterns of your life. This fascinating approach also reveals the limiting patterns that hold you back, and where they continue to show up. We begin resolving these issues, so you can stop reliving their stressful and frustrating cycles, and reveal the deeper Triumph of your life.

Stage 2

Explores the qualities of your Great Story

We explore the rich and brilliant framework of your unique Great Story. Using specific exercises, you’ll uncover your Passions in brand new ways; fuel your aliveness; and discover the unique Strengths and Powers that come most innately to you, along with the ones that will need improvement in order to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Stage 3

Deepens and anchors your daily life into your Great Story

We engage in a process of integration so you can live your Great Story every day. With renewed clarity and wisdom, you’ll become more present to the ‘now’, as you engage in action towards your desired future.

RISE illuminates your life like you’ve never experienced before, and helps ignite the inner fires of a brave, powerful and fully-engaged life.

Are you ready to R.I.S.E.?

You’ll know you’re in the right place if:

  • You feel a greater calling – even if you don’t know what exactly that looks like.
  • You’re willing to let go of the lone struggle, and be supported.
  • You’re ready to courageously work with your fear, and embrace the intriguing work of inner discovery and personal evolution.

This program isn’t for everyone. This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have the time or emotional bandwidth to commit to your personal development at the moment.
  • You’re comfortable with your life and status quo, and aren’t interested in self-discovery or growth.

Words of Praise

“Rebecca is strongly intuitive and masterful at reading between the lines and pushing her clients to go deeper and into unchartered territory. When we worked together, she was very sensitive to my pain, supporting me in meeting it, and facing my fear with courage. In a gentle and safe way, Rebecca ensured I got where I needed to go, without letting me go sideways. The result was that I was finally able to release the ‘shoulds’ in my life, and approach life from greater creativity, lightness and joy.”
Patti T.

CTI Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

It’s time to invest in yourself

Release the heaviness and struggle. You’re not here to simply survive this one precious life or be reduced to status quo.

It’s time to live a life that truly inspires and uplifts you. It’s time to RISE.