Are you getting restless with the snow? Or are you reveling in it? Although I usually try to show up to winter with a positive “snow-is-fun!” kind of attitude, lately I’ve been daydreaming of warm sunshine on my face and soft sand between my toes. But, as I was shoveling the other night (for the 3rd time that day), I realized my joy: so much of my vision board that I’d only made just a couple weeks ago was already manifesting. Before I share 3 of my out-of-ordinary things to do, I’d like to give you some background…

Ignite Retreat vision boards

Each January, I host a magical weekend of connection; delicious food; fresh mountain air; fun in the snow; and vision boarding where the women gain clarity and set intentions for their upcoming year.

Fun, laughter and magic

There is always plenty of fun, laughter and heart-felt conversations, but the magic that occurs through the vision boarding process still never ceases to amaze me. Through visualizations and a process of conscious creation, what unfolds often seems too amazing to be true. Magic, is truly the only word that seems fitting.

Because once done, the magic begins!

I can’t explain it, but the power of clear intention seems to have a way of manifesting – even when the “how” isn’t initially clear.

Ask and you shall receive

Or possibly more accurately: create a vision board with true and clear intentions, and you’ll be more awake to the opportunities when they show up. After creating my board, with intention of more time in nature, I found myself strategizing how to take advantage of the fresh snowfall. Then I realized I didn’t have to go any further than my side walk. (And I don’t mean shoveling.)

Snowshoeing home from work

The day after our big dump, I received an afternoon of cancellations. However, I still had a Pilates class to teach. So although I couldn’t escape into the mountains for the day, I realized I had a perfect opportunity to both go to work and play in the snow! So, I Ubered downtown for my class with showshoes in hand, and snowshoed home. The snow was prestine, untouched, fluffy – and knee deep. 

But that’s just the start

I’ve snowshoed in many places, but this was the best snowshoeing of my life. And I would have totally been asleep to this opportunity had I not gotten clear and committed to my vision and intentions. With such clarity and focus, not only do doors open in all sorts of awesome ways, but two other important things happen: 1- We become more awake to possibilities, that previously wouldn’t catch our attention. 2- We become more willing to get out of our patterns and routines to make them happen. This leads me to my focus today:

3 Out-Of-Ordinary Snowy-Day Things To Do:

1. Create your best year by renewing your vision and passions with a vision board (and personal manifesto).  As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and it’s not too late. Note: This isn’t a New Years resolution or to-do list…. This is a creative and soul-inspired process where you get intimate with your deepest, thrilling, and even scariest desires.  This weather is perfect to hunker down and get reflective. Preparation:
  • Pick up a poster board or canvas frame from your nearest Dollar Store, Staples or even Michaels.
  • You’ll need scissors, a glue stick, and any fun decor like sparkles, sticker letters, or photos.
  • Although old magazines are great resources for finding pics, Google is another great one for specific images.
Cozy up with a tea, turn on some inspiring music, take scissors to your favorite mags, books or quotes, and create your own vision board – or vision book (I did this too with a journal and left over images that I didn’t have room for). Take your time finding images that speak to your heart. But don’t glue anything until you’ve designed your board (key instruction!). Once you’ve got everything in place, just as you want it, take a photo which you can refer to. Then start your glueing.

“I am so thankful for the experience we had at the retreat 💗 I love my vision board, it becomes more meaningful every time I reflect on it and I start seeing different and more meaning in the items I picked to go on it.”

Finally, show up to your board and watch the magic unfold. 2. Spice up your routine. Try the opposite. This break in pattern or “rule book” is unexpectedly rejuvenating. Break a pattern in order to find a way of doing something you long for – perhaps try a new perspective, give yourself a new permission, adopt new rules-of-engagement, or find a new process for execution.
  • My example: snowshoeing home from work to get both my adventure and nature-fill on a work day.
  • (You may not be a snowshoeing fan, but there are countless ways to do this to meet your deepest desires.)
  • Want more inspiration? Check out this hilarious clip of George doing the opposite:
3. Create an adventure that lights up your soul. Get a light at the end of this snow-tunnel! You don’t need to go far… Perhaps you plan a Mexican-inspired night in complete with homemade guacamole, enchiladas, Spanish music, and margaritas. Perhaps it’s a weekend at Mt. Engadine Lodge, or a spring cycling tour in Kelowna. Or if you’re still dreaming of sand between your toes and have an adventurous spirit, perhaps my upcoming Women’s Wilderness Surf Retreat will speak to you.
With Valentine’s Day and more snow coming our way this week, I’m wishing you a soul-inspired, cozy, and love-filled week.(And if you’re shoveling, remember a braced core, and neutral spine!) Warmest and healthiest wishes your way! p.s. If my surf retreat is a thought, here are four reasons to book today:
  • I have 3 spots left
  • If you’re an adventurous, passion-driven and whole-hearted woman, this may be one of the most meaningful adventures you gift yourself this year.
  • Westjet’s Valentine’s special means flights are on sale.
  • Early bird rates are in effect during February (or until the retreat is sold out). Save $200 today!
  • All info can be found here. And of course, if you have any questions, drop me a line anytime.

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