People Holding Hands Praying Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is a sacred time for gratitude, grace and nourishment. Often however, our focus is more on the feast than the gratitude, so this weekend, I offer a powerful experience of “grace” for the best meal of your life…

This weekend before each meal, regardless of what it might be, look at what you are about to be served…

1- With each item, imagine how many hands went into getting it on your plate – from the farmer to the merchants, to the truck driver and gas attendant, to the person who afforded it, shopped for it and prepared it, and any other person you can imagine who played a part in you receiving that food item – including yourself.

farmers2- For EVERY food item on your plate, bring to mind all of the people you can think of who had a role in you receiving it.

3- Breathe in your gratitude. Bow your head and with as much genuine feeling as possible, give thanks to any higher power you might subscribe to, as well as each person who brought the food to your table.

4- From the space of pure gratitude and humbleness, notice how immensely supported you are in your life – and mostly by strangers you will never meet.

5- Enjoy your meal slowly. Savor each bite.  Revel in the support, the love and the flavors that have gone into your meal, your health and your nourishment.

6- And of course, stop once you are satisfied 😉

Wishing you a grace-filled, happy, healthy and NOURISHING Thanksgiving weekend!