I’d like to first share something that surprises most people…

When I ask groups what they think people are MOST afraid of, whether they’re cancer patients or survivors, groups of coaches, physicians, or corporate execs, very few nail it.

Some come close.

They share things like…

  • failure
  • losing a loved one
  • loss of health
  • end of relationship
  • pain
  • recurrence / not seeing their child grow up
  • fear of flying
  • falling into a pit of depression/despair and never coming out
  • debt/financial troubles
  • catching COVID/passing COVID
  • vaccines
  • being attacked by a bear while camping/hiking (one of mine – and it’s a serious one)

Can you relate to any of the above so far?

Would you add anything?

Although each of these fears are valid, relevant and REAL, at the root of everything, the thing we fear MOST, is actually our own emotions.

As such, we do all sorts of emotional gymnastics from repression, to suppression, distraction, denial, avoidance, false (aka “toxic”) positivity, addictive or destructive behaviors, and/or numbing to NOT feel what is there.

The irony however, is that doing so locks them in.

Now, sometimes we do need to do these things, such as suppress, distract or avoid, to survive a situation – or simply to show up for your kids or the work day. But eventually, to heal, we must meet and process what’s there. Once we can be with the challenging emotion, it can shift and flow, like a cloud passing in the sky.

The alternative, is akin to sweeping dirt under the kitchen rug. Whatever we can’t be with gets buried rather than cleared.

When unmet, it can manifest in all sorts of ways from destructive/unwanted behaviors, to limiting patterns, addiction, mood disorders, chronic tension, pain, illness or disease.

In an upcoming blog series, I’ll be sharing the wisdom of one emotion at a time, to help you discover the wisdom of your own emotions.

Through this series, you’ll learn the function and message of each of the main emotions, how to be with, and navigate them – even the hard ones, and you’ll leave with a concrete action to practice should you wish to develop more insight and mastery within yourself.

Below is an intro video to the work, and to your own inner wisdom, healing, liberation and emotional mastery.