Tuesdays With Georgia


Just a week ago, I faced a tough truth that I have a 4-month old niece, Georgia, and a sister that I live only minutes away from, whom I’ve only been seeing at most a few times a month.

As they have an evening routine which really only allows daytime visits, until now, I’ve been letting my work schedule get in the way of seeing her during the days.

As a solo-entrepreneur things are busy – a lot. As I’m extremely passionate about my work and clients, it can sometimes be very difficult for me separate myself from it and “clock out”.

So for way too long I’ve felt victim to the story: “Sorry, I can’t… I’m working.”.

It’s been uncomfortable for a long time, but it was only recently that I got so uncomfortable, so sick of it, that I made a change.

When we get so sick and tired of our story, empowered change becomes possible.

FINALLY, last week I took the bull by the horns and adjusted my schedule to allow a morning visit every second Tuesday. Giving up those precious working hours was hugely uncomfortable for me, but the discomfort of NOT doing so felt greater.

And thank goodness for that discomfort.

Because today was our first Tuesday visit and it was fabulous. The time was so precious and invaluable, and I love that it’s a regularly scheduled date that both my sister and I can count on.

Making this one change may not sound like much, but it has ripple effects. Breaking through my story and making one empowered change, changes the energy, changes my perspective on work and the limitations I’ve imposed, and invites more possibilities and change.

I didn’t expect it, but this one change has really freed me up in an unexpected way.

In fact, I’m so inspired by it, I’m sharing it with you here in case it might inspire you to look at your life and a story of your own…

What story are you getting sick of living, telling and replaying?

Are you tired enough to risk a change and tell a new one?