I celebrated a birthday over the weekend and am in awe at how fast time flies. It seems only yesterday I was still in university focused on my studies, my sports, meeting friends and trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life.  Now into my mid-thirties I am struck by how fast I arrived here so quickly.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

I came across the above on facebook and loved it.

At the time it caused me to reflect on my current choices, but since the weekend, I also found it a neat reflection for my past choices as well. On my last day of being 35yrs, I had one of my strongest and fastest runs ever. I wouldn’t say it was effortless, as it was actually quite tough, but it felt awesome!  I felt so empowered, vital, strong, fit and free in my body and not a day older than 22!

For all the tough decisions I’ve made that have allowed me to stay true to what I believe my life purpose to be; for all the disciplined choices that led me to the river pathway, my yoga mat and the gym when I didn’t feel like going; for the shift in consciousness that brought me to using food to nourish rather than punish, stuff, procrastinate or satisfy immediate desires, I thank my past self.

As I move forward in my days I pause to give further thought to what I could do today to give my future self a reason to thank me, and I become so filled with possibility.!

What might the above question evoke in you?