Vibrant health is a lifestyle, not a deadline.  But “deadline” is so often how we treat it.

butterflyWe set deadlines to achieve a certain weight, lift a certain weight, race within a certain time-frame, and so forth.  Although there is nothing wrong with goals and time-frames, when the success of the goal is based on behavior change (ex. a fixed diet) but not belief change (ex. eating to nourish), the mind too often returns to old pre-goal habits once the original goal is met.

When it comes to our health or weight maintenance, this marks the beginning of the end to hard earned results.

As we complete the Spring Nourish Challenge, this blog post focuses on how to keep the momentum rolling for continued success beyond the challenge.


If you reflect on the greatest achievers in life from business to athletics, you’ll notice they have 5 things in common:

  1. A clear and compelling vision.
  2. An inspired and strategic action plan complete with accountability, support, and progress/milestone markers.
  3. Strong skills or talents in particular area (and help from those who are strong in areas they are weak or uninterested).
  4. An environment conducive to their success (this includes everything from home, office, equipment requirements, to support from coaches and an effective team).
  5. Mental mastery skills that help them face fears with courage; be responsible and empowered in their life rather than a victim to it; not be controlled by negative emotions; and maintain a positive and forward-focused vision.

ACTION: Reflect on the above with respect to continuing your success in the areas of what you hoped to gain through the challenge. What comes up?  (If you have not participated in the challenge, you may reflect on other achievements that you’d like to maintain or boost success in.)

  • If you don’t have clarity, take pen to paper and sketch it out.
  • Make it as detailed and enticing as possible. Then strategize a plan of action.

    ==> If you would like support in any part of this process, including simply being held accountable to it, let’s chat. I’d be happy to learn more about you and discuss whether my services may support you.  (Click here for further details on my coaching services.)


Have you ever set strong-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions and fallen short in the follow through?  If so, know you are in incredibly good company!

Despite best of intentions, unless we have accountability to our NY reso’s, bit by bit other priorities take over and we lose our focus – until the next year.

And this is exactly what research shows… that one of the greatest determinants of success is: accountability.

The strongest vision, structure and support in the world cannot replace personal and direct accountability for getting things done, and it is often the ONE major determinant between success and failure.

There is a reason why people with coaches, trainers, and mentors are more successful, and it is not necessarily because they are smarter or have greater will power…  It is because of the accountability built-in to their relationships that enhance their chances of success.

–> Successful people leverage this knowledge.

–> They don’t do it alone.

–> And, those who do, usually struggle.


  • You are smart, you are well intentioned and you are successful in many things already.


  • You are busy.
  • You have many competing priorities.
  • You may struggle to achieve some goals, despite how important you know them to be – and that’s likely because you aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself to achieve them.

Although we might try, we simply can’t stay on top of everything, so we focus on the things we are most accountable to – think of family, children, boss, teams, personal coaches, trainers, mentors, workout partners, and even the Nourish Challenge.  They all carry various levels of built-in accountability.

When energy or time is of the essence, it’s the ones with strongest accountability that will usually win our attentions.

plank exercise with Rebecca

So, if you’ve been struggling on your own to make a change in your health (or any area of life), and feeling deflated, frustrated and unsuccessful, know there is nothing wrong with you.

When life gets busy, the things we lack accountability in, are often the first to fall off our radar.

Unfortunately, our healthy habits are often the first to go, yet the ones most essential to maintain.

If you would like to turn your struggles around and flow more effortlessly towards your goals, consider implementing a structure with accountability.


You CAN achieve everything you wish, and then some.  

The ultimate question, is what are you willing to do, in order to do so?

–> You do not need to do it all by yourself.

–> You don’t need to struggle.

RebeccaIf you’d like to work with me, I’m here and happy to have a chat about your goals and how we might work together.  If not with me, then I’m happy to refer you to someone else.

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