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Rebecca offers personalized mastery coaching, fitness and nutrition services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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“Rebecca created a safe and inviting space that allowed me to tap into the most powerful, all-knowing part of myself. I truly found the experience to be transformational and would recommend it to anyone, as it is so personal that the messages will be individualized to what you need to hear.” 

Sara Taylor

BSc, MD, Physicians 4 Physicians

I struggled through a period of burnout last year, and thanks to one of my peers, connected with a wonderful life coach, Rebecca Garland. Her RISE coaching program was transformative for me, and I still find myself relying on the things I learned with her every day since.”

Bonnie Larson

MD, Ma, CCFP, DTM&H, Mom, Director Global Health Enhanced Skills Program, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Dept. Family Medicine, CUPS Family Physician, Street CCRED Collaborative

I could never have imagined my life today, back when I started with Rebecca a year ago.  

Today I experience joy, gratitude, and love on a daily basis. I did a lot of work to get here, but the Great Story coaching process and the supportive environment that Rebecca created were essential components of my growth.” 

Ame-Lia T.


“Rebecca helped me get beyond what I ‘should’ do, and discover the ‘why’ I make the decisions I do. Instead of telling me what to do, Rebecca helped me find my own answer from within and from an authentic and powerful place.”
Jenn R.

Oil & gas entrepreneur

“When I hired Rebecca as my coach, I was not happy with work and feeling very frustrated… I was also grieving the loss of my mom. 

Fear and financial responsibilities kept me tied to my secure job, but I wasn’t happy. Rebecca helped me step back and see the bigger picture, recognize fears and manage them better so they no longer held me back. Her insightful perspectives helped me gain clarity and eventually leave my career and pursue my dream in photography. The coaching gave me the courage to move on and choose a different direction with clarity and confidence, as well as heal my grief after my mom’s passing. 

Rebecca is encouraging, genuine, supportive and loving. She has a compassionate ear, is non-judgmental, and strongly intuitive knowing what I need to hear.”

Heather D

Entrepreneur & Photographer

Rebecca is strongly intuitive and masterful at reading between the lines and pushing her clients to go deeper and into unchartered territory. When we worked together, she was very sensitive to my pain, supporting me in meeting it, and facing my fear with courage. In a gentle and safe way, Rebecca ensured I got where I needed to go, without letting me go sideways. The result was that I was finally able to release the ‘shoulds’ in my life, and approach life from greater creativity, lightness and joy.
Patti T.

CTI Life and Great Story Coach

“I really enjoyed my coaching with Rebecca, what I found particularly helpful compared to other type of work that I’ve done is the focus on how the feelings and emotions really impact my life today. 

There was a great balance between looking at past events but a strong focus on what this might mean for my life today. I really enjoyed this forward thinking, relevant approach. Learning how to recognize these as patterns and moving through them with a sense of consciousness was very powerful. 

The exercises felt very relevant and proved powerful and helpful. I would highly recommend this process for anybody. It has made a big impact and I am really grateful to have had this experience.”

Lisa O.

Manager, Recruitment and Talent

“Rebecca has helped me make some of life’s really important decisions while also helping me strategize tangible action plans from achieving my dreams, to weight loss and managing my stress.

Rebecca manages a perfect balance of requesting tangible action from me, while also addressing the fears and emotions that were holding me back. She is always in my corner reminding me of my ultimate vision and higher self, which I have so enjoyed becoming aware of.” 

Jalena B.

Athlete & university student

“When I hired Rebecca as my coach I had lost my confidence, strength and happiness. I was feeling blocked by old emotional patterns, was in menopause and dealing with a mid-life crisis. I was trying to deal with it on my own, but not very successfully, and my marriage was suffering.

Rebecca was sensitive to knowing where I needed to go, and when I needed to change direction. She is able to see people and understand their needs. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s like she can see into my soul.

I loved how she returned me to my inner energy and inner wisdom. Through coaching with Rebecca I’m more satisfied with myself and who I’m growing into. I have gained self-discovery, understanding into my life’s twists and turns, re-connection with my passions, clarity and direction. I don’t see the patterns of insecurity and lack of worth as much as I used to, and feel like I can make decisions and take action with more confidence and trust in who I am.”

Karen M.

Business owner and Paediatric OT

“You are so perceptive and I appreciate you so much!! ….I just wanted to write to tell you how much I am enjoying our coaching. You are a fabulous coach. I always feel that you are present, are listening and most importantly, are connected – you “get” me… I have had coaching in the past and it has never been this experience. I am truly grateful, and it is fun. I’m loving it and I feel very blessed.”
Catherine Munroe

Entrepreneur & Reiki Master

“Rebecca approaches coaching with zeal and vigor. She has this special gift of creating a really safe environment for her clients to be called forth into their own magnificence. An accomplished entrepreneur, fitness expert and life coach, Rebecca brings a professional, insightful and rigorous style of coaching to her clients.”
Jac McNeil

Entrepreneur and professional coach

“I love how Rebecca frames things, mirrors my inner wisdom back to me, and seems to be able to speak my language. Above all, I love the confidence I’ve gained through our coaching. I have stopped trying to figure out what or how I need to change: I have shifted from “self-improvement” to “self-realization”. I trust my instincts, I am more confident and focused in my decisions. Positive changes in my career and relationships have evolved naturally as a result.”

Amy T.

Engineer, Investment Banking / Oil & Gas

“I hired Rebecca after taking a retreat with her. At the time my marriage was ending, I was exhausted and filled with anger, and trying to navigate a smooth transition for myself and our 3 young children. To deal with my situation, I was going to counseling, reading self-help books.  Although they were each helpful, I still couldn’t seem to move through the anger. 

I like Rebecca’s global holistic health background and related to a creative wellness-focus rather than broken-focus. 

I love the coaching with Rebecca – it’s just what I needed, when I needed it. I was willing to do the work, but needed guidance. I wanted grounding, structure, palpable activities and exercises to do, structure and accountability. Rebecca provided this and more. 

The coaching with Rebecca is a tender experience, that feels safe and caring. I no longer operate out of fear from repercussions – I feel stronger, braver and more confident in handling whatever comes my way.”

Jill F.

Entrepreneur, Pediatric OT, Yoga

“Thank you so much Rebecca! I love working with you and the beautiful work that you do!”
Gwen M.

Entrepreneur, Massage & Pilates

“On my own there has always seemed so much to do with so many things to overcome. Rebecca helped me simplify my goals and see myself more clearly with exercises that pinpoint deeper issues and negative thoughts I didn’t even realize were there.

Through her coaching she has helped shift my focus beyond the goal to a place I like being, while helping me pull out my own answers and action steps in clear, concrete, approachable and non-intimidating ways. Not only am I changing my nutrition habits, but I just completed my first ever sprint triathlon this past summer!” 

Lyndsey P.


“Since I started coaching with Rebecca, I have noticed profound improvements in my life. I have better direction, and more confidence and enthusiasm to go after my goals. Rebecca is caring, insightful and energizing. I recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to stretch higher in life.”
Cathy M

Sales & Marketing Director

“I found Rebecca’s course Re-Claiming Your Vitality Beyond Cancer to be exactly what I needed at this point in my cancer journey. It was very informational, structured and because I was willing to do the work, I got a lot out of it. I really would have liked it to continue. It was a great place to discuss, express and learn in a safe environment. I felt there was so much information and would like more time to implement to see changes and have discussion and followup. I love the support of everyone within the group. I will never forget them.”
Joanne N.

Executive and cancer survivor

Rebecca has a warmth and kindness that allowed me to open up and be vulnerable. She has a strength that encouraged me to be courageous. 

Because of our coaching, I’m showing up to my life differently and more confidently. Our work also enriched my relationships with my children, and also my dad for the first time in decades.

I’m now back to work part-time and feel hopeful about future possibilities, and how I may use my own personal experiences as a patient in the medical world, to create a better patient experience.

This gift of coaching was a much needed, and a life transforming blessing! Thank you.”

Tonya K.

Nurse, stage 3 breast cancer

My experience with Rebecca, still to this day provides me with much needed guidance and clarity. I lost my wife in January of 2014 at a very young age due to cancer.

I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for the support and guidance of Rebecca Garland! Her soft approach and soothing reminders that even though a beautiful life is lost there is still a beautiful future ahead. I still take time to go back in memory to remember her teachings when times of hurt and pain re-appear.

I will forever be grateful to Rebecca!!!

Clay T.

Electrician, young widower

“Thank you for helping us through our journey with cancer. You have provided us with invaluable tools to move forward in our new life. Without you, we would not appreciate all the wonderful things cancer has given us or know how to strive to live life to the fullest. With much love, gratitude and respect, we thank you!”
Heing T.

Optometrist, stage 4 lung cancer

This is the first vacation that I didn’t feel I needed to eat and drink my way through the vacation. I went hiking because I have a new story that I’m walker and a hiker and I can do it!!!

I also wore a bathing suit and only a handful of times felt insecure- the past me wouldn’t have even worn the bathing suit ever and missed out on snorkelling and swimming- this is a HUGE win!!!

Rhondi K.

I’d highly recommend the Precision Nutrition program, and really glad I did it. It allows me to go where I want with it, but also really encourages me to think deeply about what the issues truly are and how to make real changes.

Anne V.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

I appreciate Rebecca’s feedback and support. It feels like someone is on my side and that I can count on her every step of the way. Thank you very much Rebecca.”

Debbie K.

Legal Assistant

Daily Precision Nutrition habits are now cemented for me. And I love the humour in the lessons. Rebecca understands me and addresses my unique needs and concerns, and is there when I need a boost. I’d most definitely recommend this program to a loved one.”

Jenn R.

Oil & Gas

I’d most definitely recommend the Precision Nutrition program along with Rebecca’s coaching to a loved one. It has empowered me with knowledge, so I can make the best decisions for about caring for myself and encouraging me.

Joan G.

School Principal

Nourish Book and NOURISH challenge

“I have been going through your beautiful cookbook. You should change its name from Nourish to Scrumptious! I can hardly wait to get home and get cooking.”
Teresa Kruze

Broadcaster and author

“I’m really enjoying Nourish! Most of my family members own a copy. My faves are the rosemary salmon (with peach and avocado salasa), the shrimp pizza, the veggie lasagna (although I always throw in some ground turkey) and the guac. The best part is that Greg loves the recipes as much as I do!”
Julia Stadnyk

Legal counsel

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been cooking nothing but your recipes from your book. Just made the banana coconut oat cookies. So good!”
Magdalena M.

Sales & marketi

The food has been outstanding and definitely exceeded my expectations, and I’m thrilled with the weight I’ve lost!
Cathy S.

I’m so glad I took part in the Nourish 28-day program. I am eating way healthier than ever and liking the food! I have more energy and my skin looks great too. The eight pounds I lost was a bonus!

Lori S.

Business owner, lost 8lbs

The strategies I learned with Rebecca have literally changed my life. I participated in both the 1-1 coaching and her 28-day Nourish Challenge. The coaching was highly personalized and tailored very specifically to my life. The clean-eating challenge boosted my energy levels and brought about significant weight loss. Together, the coaching and nutrition challenge helped me achieve balance and overcome the worst symptoms of depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, giving me my life back.
Mandy G.


I have to say I can’t believe how my energy has increased in just a week. I am not having afternoon or after dinner crashes anymore, and my wife thinks I look five years younger. Thank you!
Jamie M.

Business executive

“Through her Clean-Eating Challenge and follow-up coaching, Rebecca showed me how to eat cleaner and reduce/eliminate the crap and processed foods in my diet, to help get my metabolism working the way it should.

Although the program was restrictive at first, the slow re-introduction allowed a change in relationship with food and helped me break old and long-standing patterns. Originally I was skeptical at being able to look at food differently, but my cravings are fading and I’m now loving the ‘good’ foods just as much, if not more, than the ‘bad’. I now have higher consciousness and appreciation for what I put in my body and am coming back to my roots (I’m even choosing berries over chocolate bars).”

Kim E.

I went into the clean-eating challenge and 1-1 coaching with Rebecca with the goal of quick and easy weight-loss and came out with a vision of wellness – a deeper and meatier goal. I’ve done other cleanses and weight-loss programs before, but all focused on behavior instead of mindset. Although I’ve lost weight, my focus is now on what I’m really trying to achieve, and on nourishing my body and inner self. I’m now o.k. with healthier choices and no longer feel like I’m missing out or depriving myself.
Karen F.

“Through her Clean-Eating Challenge and follow-up coaching, Rebecca showed me how to eat cleaner and reduce/eliminate the crap and processed foods in my diet, to help get my metabolism working the way it should.

Although the program was restrictive at first, the slow re-introduction allowed a change in relationship with food and helped me break old and long-standing patterns. Originally I was skeptical at being able to look at food differently, but my cravings are fading and I’m now loving the ‘good’ foods just as much, if not more, than the ‘bad’. I now have higher consciousness and appreciation for what I put in my body and am coming back to my roots (I’m even choosing berries over chocolate bars).”

Kim E.

Oil & gas executive

I am so inspired by eating clean! My meals are simple, nutritious and delicious. An added benefit is a slimmer, trimmer me. I have minimized my sugar intake which has increased my energy levels and clarity, and no more hits of exhaustion thru the day.
Jane E.


“With Rebecca, I learned a new way of eating, and a new way of thinking, which feels fantastic, and has helped me double my energy and lose weight in a sustainable way. Other programs have felt like work, but the Clean-Eating Challenge didn’t – I wanted it to keep going!

I used to have to drink several cups of coffee per day, but I now have so much energy that I don’t need the caffeine to feel good anymore. Rebecca helped shift my focus from weight loss to nourishment and all that followed!”

Karen B.

Oil & Gas Exec, lost 15 lbs

Thanks Rebecca! I’m feeling great actually, for me cutting out all the sugars has really helped. Big difference I noticed was my skin, I’ve struggled with it for so long and now it’s really starting to feel more moisturized and I’m not breaking out like crazy! So very happy about that. Can’t wait to keep it going!
Melannie M.

“…The food has been outstanding and definitely exceeded my expectations, and I’m thrilled with the weight I’ve lost!”

Cathy S.


“Rebecca is a highly experienced trainer and certified coach and deeply knowledgeable about nutrition and health. I would recommend her unreservedly because of her broad knowledge and common sense, but unique approach.”
Ross M

Black Tusk Leadership Coaching

“FYI, lots of positive feedback about the Pilates class. Some are even wanting an additional class during the week!! I am really loving it. I feel as if I am stronger already. This is totally what I needed in my workout routine. Thanks for today!!”

Lauren F.

“With Rebecca (aka Spin Sister), I managed to do a PB. Best time in 10 years. Thanks for spinning with me!”

Maurice W.

Alexandria Wealth


“Thank you Rebecca!  I loved the sumptuous food and sparkling conversation, as well as the time to generate personal goals.”

“Rebecca, thank you for the fabulous afternoon of vision and inspiration. You are truly an inspiration and support on my own journey.”

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