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This is the first post of a series, where I share common nutrition and weight loss backfires.

The first I’ll discuss is Body Attitude…

When we decide to embark on a weight loss or nutrition plan, it is usually because we want our bodies to be different in some way – lighter, trimmer, healthier, more energized, etc.

This is where Body Attitude can make or break your success.

With a positive and loving Body Attitude – the place where you know you’re enough, you know your body is enough, and yet you also hold a desire for greater health, strength or vitality – you set yourself up for success.

However, I most often hear goals set in a negative Body Attitude – the place where we feel our bodies are NOT enough and where we believe that they need to be fixed or changed before we can love or even like them.

In this age, surrounded by unrealistic beauty standards, it can be hard not to bite the hook!  However these lies do not serve us in joyful long term healthy habit changes.

And here’s why…

The consistently nourishing choices which your long term vision requires, are nearly impossible from a negative Body Attitude.

And it’s because of this one simple truth:

We treat the things we love and cherish with great respect, appreciation, care, effort and attention.



And, we treat the things we dislike with disrespect, mindlessness, neglect, disdain, or even punishment.

Soak that in for a moment, and notice how that may show up for you.

From emotional states such as shame, guilt, frustration, self-pity, jealousy, or despair and hopelessness, we take many actions, but nourishing and loving choices on a consistent basis is usually not one of them.

Here is the turn-around I’d like to offer…

Whether you love your body yet or not, begin fostering a loving Body Attitude – not because of what it looks like, but because of what it does for you.

Recognizing that your body is your greatest gift, is one of the strongest motivators you could embrace for making positive change.

Because it really does want to be healthy, vibrant and strong. And it is trying so hard to be so despite any misuse, overuse, disuse and abuse, illness or disease, weight or injury.

A loving Body Attitude starts with finding ways to appreciate your body now, just as it is, regardless of your weight, injury, illness, height, or shoe size.

In every moment, sleeping or waking, without any personal guidance or consciousness, your body is digesting food, up-taking nutrients, eliminating wastes, detoxifying your blood, delivering oxygen to cells, pumping your heart, breathing your lungs, repairing tissues, healing wounds, attacking foreign invaders, and so much more.

Once you can find appreciation there, you can begin growing it.

The more you can come to truly value your body, the more you will naturally begin to treat it better, and the more nourishing and life-sustaining choices you will make.

Loved bodies are the happiest, healthiest most vibrant bodies around!

Excuses like “too busy”, “kids won’t eat it”, “too boring”, “too depriving”, etc. only stand in the way when one hasn’t yet fully embraced the absolute miracle of their body and decided to treat it as such.

I am reminded of a quote (author unknown):

“When we are interested, we do what is convenient;

When we are committed, we do whatever it takes.”

And just imagine the possibilities when inspiration and love join in!

So, as a parting thought, as you move forth into your day, remember that you are enough, your body is enough, and like a budding rose, you are also becoming more.

From this place, just notice what kinds of choices you make and how your body responds.