Unconditional love isn’t always roses, it’s rarely the fantasy the storybooks raise us to seek out, and yet deep down it’s exactly what we all desire.

It’s so easy to LIKE those who like us and treat us well.

It’s so easy to LOVE those who share our same values, lift our spirits and reflect back all our goodness.

But unconditional love goes so much deeper….

HOWEVER, it’s also the kind of love we tend to withhold from our selves, leaving us seeking, clinging, grasping, fearing, demanding and controlling.

Conditional love is based on conditions supported by fear and pain…

  • It is that which criticizes our bodies, starves them, abuses them, and overfeeds them.
  • It is that which holds us in unhealthy, destructive, abusive and even violent relationships with both ourselves and others. 

Unconditional love expands; it does not destroy. It does meet painful emotions with food; it does not purge; it does not starve; it does not over-indulge; it does not obsess; it does not punish; it does not enable; it does not make excuses; it does not stand idle; it does take abuse.

That is fear. 

The fearful ego cloaked in Conditional Love tells us that we are ONLY worthy of love when we have, do, achieve, and become more.

It is through the process of shifting from conditional love to unconditional love, that we begin to set ourselves free. From there we can experience our true nature, our fullest potential, and the world at peace.

For it is upon experiencing it within, that we can then freely offer it to others.


INVITE TO ACTION: If you no longer had conditions on the love you extended yourself, what do you fear might happen?

Your answer to this question is where your work lies, and the gateway to shifting from conditional love to unconditional love.

Can you see the lie?

Most of us have resistance to this notion, so if you notice that rising up, know that’s normal. You are waking the fear, which is the first stage of change. Know too that you have enough courage to meet it.